BioCell Mini Plant
The basic process is based on MBBR technology using Bio Media. There are many plants installed and satisfactorily operating on MBBR principle. MBBR has following advantages over other competing technologies.
A reducing in the volume of the biological reactor because it uses a support or carrier that gives a high specific surface.
They are very flexible processes since they are based on the percentage of plastic support used in the reactor, it is recommended that it is not greater than 70%, the surface can be modified and as a consequence the efficiency of the process.
It does not require reactor biomass recirculation – This gives rise to the fact that the biomass does not depend on the final separation of the sludge and as a consequence typical problems found in conventional activated sludge processes related to the sedimentation properties of the sludge (filamentous bulking, etc.).
The operation and control is simple for this type of processes.- On the one hand the process avoids blockage problems and consequently regular cleaning periods, in addition it is not necessary to control the sludge purging since the system keeps the biomass in the reactor until it comes off the support.
It allows the generation of a characteristic biomass for each type of reactor (aerobic, anoxic or anaerobic) bringing about the creation of a biofilm with a high level of activity. Experimentally it has been confirmed that the levels of nitrification and denitrification in this type of processes are greater than those obtained in conventional processes..




10~200 m3/day
200~1000 m3/day

500~5000 m3/day
Non-standard custom

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BioCell Mini Plant


Title: BioCell Mini Plant

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