The diffuser is the special design for MBBR  aeration system. The coarse-bubble design is employed to mix the suspended media evenly throughout the reactor  while  providing  the mixing energy required to slough old biofilm from the internal surface area of the media and maintain the dissolved oxygen required  to  support the biological treatment process.

The material could be used SUS304 or SUS316L, the length is 600mm, the release boundary of each diffuser could achieve to 1250mm. The service life could be reach to  15 years. 

The diffuser’s advantage

1)Muti-level air hole design could guarantee the aeration strength evenly and the efficiency of dissolved oxygen.

2)The bottom hole design ensure the air hole keep opening, Will not be blocked.

3)The pre-fabricated elements guarantee quick  and  easy  installation.  Installation is

possible in all kinds of basins.

Operational Data


α-value                                            0.7~0.9


Air load per diffuser element          10~50m³/h


Backpressure of the diffuser            5~20mbar


Oxygenation efficiency SOTE           2~3%/m (clean water) 

                                                         3~5%/m (30%~50% media fill rate)

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Coarse Bubble Diffuser


Title: Coarse Bubble Diffuser

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